How To Photograph Cats #2

Once upon a time, I was an employee. I had a job and I would leave the house and go to work and do whatever it was that I did. 

Then I developed a original cat bed design, our Cat Ball® cat bed, and I was no longer an employee: I started my own business! 

What does this have to do with photographing cats? Well, I used to take photos of cats sometimes, like if they climbed on the roof, or caught a rodent, or if they were sleeping on the bed or something. But after buying that business license, I had to start taking photos of cats for a different reason. I learned that figuring out the pattern making and construction techniques for my Cat Ball® cat bed design was one thing - working with my cats to photograph it was another! 

Since starting this adventure, I’ve learned a few things about photographing cats. I'll share some pointers with you here. 

#1 - You need an assistant. If you have two people then one person can try to get the camera to work while the other person keeps the cats from escaping. 

#2 - You also need some cat toys. We usually forget them, and are frequently grabbing something convenient, like a stray computer cable, to get the cats's attention with. I recommend that you get something that you can make some noise with. 

#3 - Work with the cats when they are in a more sleepy mood. The logic is that they will soon stop screwing around, get sleepy, and do stuff like this:

The Cat Ball cat bed
So that photo turned out OK.
Sometimes though, sometimes things don't go so smoothly.
See, this is why I recommend having an assistant:

Sometimes the cat just doesn't want to be photographed!  Sometimes the cat just isn't in the mood to be photographed. 



Sometimes the cat is totally clueless. 



But sometimes all the stars are in alignment and you get something exceptional like this!

Thanks to Seamus and Angus for this customer photo.

You can learn more about their ginger squishy face bromance on Facebook and Instagram


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  • Patricia Hollatz

    I love Seamus and Angus so very much. I have a cat. Ball and a Canoe. My cats love them

    Sometimes lol lol

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