The Jumbo Cat Ball

The jumbo Cat Ball is pretty big. Usually the people who get it have a 20+ pound Ragdoll, Maine Coon Cat or a Norwegian Forest Cat. 

We even made one for a lynx who lives at a zoo! Well, this household has three cats, and here are some funny photos that show what three standard size cats can do with a really big Cat Ball!

Their owner told us that she kept finding the Cat Ball in a specific location, no matter where she moved it to. Then one day she heard the furnace start, the cats went running, and they dove into the Cat Ball. She realized the cats were repositioning the Cat Ball so that it could capture the heat from the floor vent and fill their cozy cave with the warm air!

These kitties have been good natured about sharing their Cat Ball. They hang out, groom and nap together while inside.

This is funny! They have smashed the Cat Ball flat and are sleeping on top, right next to the furnace vent, where they can also look out the glass door.



The jumbo Cat Ball is not a regular inventory item but can be made on demand. Most cats are able to use the standard Cat Ball.


  • Diane Petraccoro

    Please I own all The Cat Ball exclusives, I missed out on the Jumbo Cat Ball. I have 4 Himalayan cats that are large and they’d love this size. Please how can I go about ordering them??

  • Denise Grande

    Hi, I have two ragdoll kittens. I purchased the regular size cat ball and one can fit easily but he is only 9 months old. I will need a jumbo cat ball. Have to say one ragdoll (Oceane) looked at it and walked away, but the other ragdoll (Skye), the minute he saw it he ran and dove into it. It’s hysterical because all you see is his tail is coming out the other end. Now they both use it. Oceane using it more for kickboxing but I do see him inside it at times. Definitely worth the money! I have two other beds they never use… both Alpha pooch products (siesta bowl and the triangle shaped condo). I only wish it came in better prints but all in all am extremely happy with it and am going to order a jumbo cat ball.

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