Cats or Cthulhu?

Perhaps I'm just fascinated by cultural references, mythology and LOL cats, or maybe I'm obsessed with feeding cats to monsters, because a new special edition Cat Ball® cat bed has been prototyped: Cthulhu.

Cthulhu Cat Ball cat bed

Just in case you aren't up to speed on the demons and deities from early 20th century literature, you can get all of the details on Cthulhu at this Wikipedia link, except a pronunciation guide.

Cthulhu is a Cat Ball® cat bed, I've just added quilted details in the top panel, two sinister eyes, and his distinctive facial tentacles. My apologies to the Lovecraftian purists: I didn't create wings. The green fabric was an exciting find: I just never, ever would of guessed that quilters would want to buy a fabric such as this. I have no idea what you'd do with it besides make sinister creatures, and for that use it is totally perfect. Finally, unable to restrain myself, I selected a print of onion rings (it is RJR Fabrics #1479, in case you get hungry) to use for the lining.

Like all of our Cat Ball® cat beds, Cthulhu is a hexagonal cat bed with two openings, one larger than the other. The tentacles are made on a single removable strip.

Cthulhu Cat Ball cat bed

Cthulhu Cat Ball


As I was sewing this I got to wondering: who sleeps more? Cats or Cthulhu? Who has been worshiped more throughout history, cats or Cthulhu? Who has more lives or more memes?

See, the competition is fierce, and those onion rings smell really good!

Cthulhu Cat Ball


  • Jan

    Habi would adore those tentacles or tassies! Although I am not sure I would like to loose him as a tasty morsel to a Cthultu, he sure would look handsome hanging out in there. Please let me know when they are available. Your work is creative and fits well with cat and their family personalities.
    Meow, Jan

  • Gussy

    Hi luv the look of your catballs. Especially this one. I think Gussy and nina would to play with the tassles. Is it for sale yet? And do you ship to australia?

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