Retro, the Crosseyed Lynx Point Siamese

Retro is a half Siamese, half Angora cat who works as a model for The Cat Ball, LLC

We'd like to introduce Retro! We got him from a cat breeder who did not realize that a cat in heat would break down a door to access a gentleman cat for some private time. I can't remember which parent was the Angora and which was the Siamese, but that unauthorized union sure created a cute litter of kittens! From the photos we saw, it looked like every one was going to be a lynx point with blue eyes. 

I have no idea what Angoras are like, so I don't know if Retro does any Angora stuff. But he sure does Siamese stuff! Retro howls, yowls, chortles, chirps, chuffs, moans, yips, whines, wails, and makes weird meows. I can't believe how many weird things that cat can say.

Retro was born white and started to show points quickly, like Siamese cats do. This photo collage shows how his coat changed over time. He was even lighter when he arrived, it took a few weeks for his faint tabby pattern to start to show at all. 

Retro is a half Siamese, half Angora cat and his color is called lynx point.

Retro likes: dehydrated chicken, fresh shrimp, boxes, high places, tightrope walking, and capturing water drips. His favorite toy is a long thin fiberglass rod, so it's basically a stick. He is also a fan of the Wiggly Wand Cat Toy made by Dezi and Roo, preferring the "Looper" attachment with a bit of tissue paper (it makes a good sound and is fun to shred). 

Retro dislikes: Roomba vacuum, subwoofers, goggies. 

Retro is a large cat. He's long, tall and athletic, and weighs about 15 pounds. Even though he is big, he has no problem getting into our standard size Cat Ball® cat bed of the standard Cat Canoe®. He really fills the Cat Canoe up, but he seems to like how the flexible panels fit him closely, cradling him in a warm and padded envelope. This photo will help to demonstrate. 

Retro in a standard size Cat CanoeRetro weighs about 15 pounds and is inside our standard size Cat Canoe®. 

We have seen 18 and 19 pound cats using the Cat Canoe®, and have even seen two cats in the 12-12 pound size range sharing the bed. The flexible materials make these tight fits possible (and the animals really seem to like it!) Just imagine being compressed into a padded bed that snuggles close around you, holding your body heat in, creating a cocoon of comfort and warmth. 

If you'd like to see more of Retro, search #retroonthejob on Instagram. 

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  • Celine

    Retro is absolutely gorgeous! He first caught my eye posing in your products. A very beautiful talented model!


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