Weird Things We've Learned From Our Customers' Cats

Collection of funny photos, clever hacks, and a few ideas on how to keep your cats happy

I'm not saying that our customers' cats are weird (well, maybe a few of them are) but over time we have seen some of these cats do some things that we just did not expect. Here are some examples of superb human and feline creativity.

Inside Out Cat Canoe®

I typically turn the Cat Canoe® inside out when preparing these beds for a photo shoot (you can get more details about that here), but at some point I learned that some people were simply turning the beds inside out. It looks like come cats prefer the bed this way. It seems to be easier for them to get into. 

Customer photo by @the_joy_of_cats

In its normal state, the Cat Canoe panels lean inwards, creating a slightly covered shape, and this feature is more exaggerated with the jumbo size. When you turn the bed inside out, the shape is wider, like a big bowl. Here are some examples of the jumbo Cat Canoe, provided by @ilovemykittiesxo on Instagram:

Cat inside a jumbo Cat Canoe. Photo by @ilovemykittiesxoCat inside a jumbo Cat Canoe, photo by @ilovemykittiesxo on Instagram

This photo with Ms. Sofia shows the jumbo Cat Canoe® right side out, and see how the panels fold in, like a coin purse? Some cats love this. Some cats don't. 

Cat's Don't Share

Two cats arguing over their Cat Canoe pet bed

We've learned that cats don't always like to share things. Very much like human siblings, cats will often have territorial disputes over their cat beds. We've seen cats fight over our beds, ambush each other in the beds, and wait in line to use our cat beds. It's usually pretty interesting and fun to watch. 

Wait...Some Cats Do Share!

Some cats get cozy, and it's so cute to see! We say that the Cat Canoe® is sized to fit an 18 pound cat, but in these examples, the total cat weight is well over 18 pounds, and the cats do not care.

Two cats in a Cat Canoe, photo by @nekononiwa

Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa is located in Singapore, and is a fun place to socialize with cats and people. Their Instagram account is always coming up with funny photos like this one, and two cats inside one of our cat bed designs happens pretty often. 

Instagram user @crazycatmish

Instagram account @crazycatmish spends most of their time reminding us how adorable Bailey and Poppy are. Neither cat is small, so it was a surprise to see them in the Cat Canoe® together. They do this ALL the time and it's always adorable. 

The Lining Fabric Matters 

When I started buying fabrics to make our cat beds, I started by selected lining fabrics based on appearance alone. I quickly realized that some fabrics were better for disguising shedded pet fur, so I now keep this in mind when making selections. This photograph of Dusty is a good example:

This cat looks good inside the Cat Ball cat bed. Photo by @dusty.lucy on Instagram

But the thing that really surprised me was the day I saw a video of a foster kitten inside a Cat Ball®, touching and pawing at the design of the printed fabric in a playful way. He could see these details, and he was responding to them. I'm trying to locate this video. 

Taking Photos? Shop According to Lining Fabric!

Our cat beds have become fun props for cat photos, and you can see great images all over Instagram and Facebook. If you're shopping to get our beds as a photo prop, consider the lining color when making your decision. Will your cat's fur stand in contrast to the lining color, or will she disappear? If you offer a foster home to cats, we recommend a bed with a brightly colored lining. This will make it easier to photograph and see cats with dark fur, and the cheerful colors may also help to get attention from viewers.

Photo by Instagram user @hello_mycatsandme

The light color lining here makes it easier to get a well-lit photo, and the fabric is fantastic with this exotic beauty. Photo by Instagram user @hello_mycatsandme

Weird Places That Cats Like Their Beds

We've heard of cats enjoying their cat beds in a few types of places: up high, inside boxes (or laundry hampers) and inside hidden areas (like closets). All of these options make sense, as cats have strong instincts to climb and to sleep in hidden places. If you try to think like a cat, maybe you'll come up with some more ideas, just like they did over at @nutmeg_chumley with this crazy contraption:

Photo by Instagram user @nutmeg_chumley

It Must Be Up High

It's a funny thing, but some cats simply require elevation. If you have a cat bed that they aren't using, try putting it up high. Sometimes it doesn't need to be very high, like just on a couch cushion, or in this example by @artisacat, on a chair. 

Photo by @artisacat on Instagram

Cats Using Cat Beds to Store Toys

We've heard reports of cats using both the Cat Canoe® and the Cat Ball® cat bed to store their toys. Some cats make a "kill" and drag their "prey" into the bed. Some cats just have a favorite toy that they apparently like to take along for naptime. And some cats simply seem to be willing to sleep on top of all of their toys. 

Photo by Instagram user @a.dane.and.his.kitten 

This cat is apparently very tidy, and has put his toys away

Dogs Wishing for Cat Beds 

The dog has been staring at that cat bed for weeks, thinking that it must be good, really good, because the cat is always in it. The cat must have been away when this family finally caught their dog breaking the rules:

A dog tries to fit into the Cat Canoe but is a little too big

This goggie is trying so hard to fit in the Cat Canoe!

 Mars Owns ALL the Cat Beds

Meanwhile, over at @mars.and.the.brawlers, Mars stakes her claim over ALL of the cat beds:

Mars and the Brawlers and their cat bed collection

You see the torbie point kitty who is staring at you with an unwavering confidence? That's Mars, and she wants you to know that these are her Cat Balls. If she's in a generous mood she will let the boys use them. Maybe. 

Easier to Get Out Than to Get In

The Cat Ball® cat bed has two openings, and one is larger than the other, see?

Illustration of the Cat Ball cat bed, a hexagonal cat bed with two openings

The small hole doesn't seem to stop them (just have a look at Mac in the photo below, as he dives through the bed), but it might slow them down. We have learned is that just about all cats can go through the smaller opening, but it's easier to exit than to enter that hole. 

Cat diving through the Cat Ball. Photo by @bethonia

Here's another example. Rascal is a long, tall and big cat, and weighs about 18 pounds. His people use string type toys and he will jump through the Cat Ball. The photos may suggest that he's stuck, but he isn't: Rascal can fit through the small opening just fine. He's developed quite a good skill at diving through the bed, in pursuit of his toy prey. 

Instagram model cat @rascal_wild is a big cat and he fits in the Cat Ball cat bed

Don't Ever Get Bored

Instagram is a good place to meet creative cats. and one of the most creative is Cooperman from @mollybubbles_cooperman. This ginger gentleman likes to use two toys together, and he's got a bunch ot work with. He often hides inside one while planning his attack on the other. You need to go watch some of his videos, because they are entertaining and you might learn something. 

This is Cooperman, from Instagram account @mollybubbles_cooperman

Cooperman exiting the Cat Ball from the small hole. He's been hiding inside as he plays with the ball track.


Is there a way to summarize what we've learned from these cats? Well, they're innovative. Their people are also innovative. There are always problems and someone always thinks of a way to deal with them. And, as we've already learned on the internet, every small box or hole is simply a challenge that must be tried. Does your cat know some fun tricks? Does your kitty do something weird that we'd enjoy seeing? Let us know in the comments. We want to see all the kitties! 


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