Cats Under the Christmas Tree

 Christmas and holiday cat bed designs by The Cat Ball


Christmas fabric cat bed designs by The Cat Ball, LLC

If you plan to have a Christmas tree, your cat is probably planning on using it for target practice (remember, they are planning Total World Domination). Just in case you want to include your cat's needs in your Christmas holiday decor, we've made some cat beds specifically for the season. 

Shiny and Glittery

Cat Canoe in gold and silver fabrics for Christmas

The silver and gold fabrics in our Zephyr Cat Canoe® will make your kitty look like an angel under the tree. This bed has an understated, neutral look that will let it continue to fit into your home decor after Christmas is over. 

A Box of Chocolates

Christmas Cat Canoe in red and green tile

This cat bed is unapologetically "Christmas"! The red and green tile pattern made us think of a box of chocolates. This Christmas fabric is printed with delicate gold snowflakes. The green lining is actually glittery and shiny, as if a pool table got coated with glitter. It's a neat fabric, and great for Christmas. 

Christmas/ not Christmas

Cat Canoe in metallic Christmas fabrics

We chose these fabrics because we knew that in context, under your Catmas Tree, they would look very Christmassy. But away from the tree and lights, or turned inside out, this Cat Canoe doesn't have an overwhelming Christmas feel. 

Unapologetically Christmas

Santa Cat Ball cat bed for Christmas

For some people, the Christmas music starts as soon as the Thanksgiving pumpkin pies hit the table, and this joyous soundtrack continues endlessly until the tree is dismantled in January 31/February/whenever. You know who you are, and you're proud of it. Your house probably looks and smells amazing, and it's fun to see. This is the Cat Ball® for you. 

Winter Focus

 The Snowball Cat Ball is a white cat bed

If you want to focus on the season, not the holiday, or if you're enjoying the monochrome look, have a look at our "snowball" Cat Ball® and the black snowball Cat Ball® cat bed. 

Black snowball Cat Ball bed for cats

We hope to see customer photos of white cats, black cats, and tuxedo cats using these monochrome beds. 

The Cat Ball on Instagram

The Cat Ball is on Instagram, (and honestly we probably spend more time there than we should). Instagram is fun, and it's a way to share your BFF kitty friend(s) with the world. If you want photos of your Cat Ball® cat bed to be seen, use hashtag #thecatball. Our hashtag for the Cat Canoe® is #catcanoe

The Cat Ball official hashtag on Instagram is #thecatball

Is there a look that you'd like to see? What would look good under your Christmas tree? Do you have any design suggestions for beds that we can make in the future? Leave your comments here. 


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