The Jumbo Cat Canoe

jumbo CAT CANOE college

Does your cat have about 25% more than most cats? Our jumbo size Cat Canoe® cat bed was made with tall, long and wide kitties in mind!

 the jumbo CAT CANOE cat bed There are a lot of big, long, and tall kitties out there, and their people are really proud of them!



After receiving many requests for a larger Cat Canoe®, I got out my pattern making tools and drafted up a pattern for a jumbo size Cat Canoe.






 The Jumbo Cat Canoe® has a generously wide 12" base and super high sides. The shaped curves on this bed have a graceful look. Made with the same thick, padded materials as the Cat Canoe® and Cat Ball® cat bed, the jumbo Cat Canoe® is cozy, warm and sure to be a favorite!

the jumbo CAT CANOE cat bed

The models in these photos weigh 14 - 15 pounds, and aren't themselves "jumbo" sized cats. We suggest the jumbo Cat Canoe® for cats who weigh 20 pounds or more, but of course smaller cats can also enjoy this bed. 


Here is one more picture for giggles!

the jumbo CAT CANOE cat bed

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  • Celine

    He looks very cozy in his cat canoe. My Frank is about the same size and he snuggles into a perfect fit in the regular cat canoe. Maybe I’ll try the jumbo for him but he’s really enjoying his cat canoe.

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