Coordinating Cat Bed Sets - Leopard Fabric

The leopard fabric is a classic and timeless design, whether you are creating a Hollywood look, an African look or even the modern Jungalow style.

We make two different leopard print cat bed designs, the Cat Canoe® and the Cat Ball® cat bed. Our cat beds can add just that right "pop" of the leopard look, and create this opportunity for your cat (or small dogs) to have a bed that coordinates well with your interior decor. 

These pet beds are made with 100% cotton fabrics and an upholstery foam, and were sewn in the USA. 

Leopard cat bed styles made by The Cat Ball companySome people place the Cat Ball® on the couch, where it looks like an accent pillow. 

The Leopard Cat Ball cat bed is a pod style modern pet bed design

The Leopard Cat Ball® cat bed has been really popular with people who have the hairless cats. The most common breed of hairless cat is the Sphynx, and these cats have a higher body temperature, yet they do get cold. They seem to do fine wearing clothes, and like to stay warm by snuggling into a covered bed or under blankets. 

A Siamese cat lounges in the leopard Cat Canoe modern cat bed

This is Retro, a 15 pound Lynx point Siamese and Angora cat mix.

He does a lot of modeling for us. 


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