That Day We Were Getting Silly and Having Fun - Cthulhu

Mythos meets meme when Cthulhu, mysterious monster of the deep, meets the Cat Ball® bed. Who can sleep longer? Cthulhu or your cat?

If you don't know what we are talking about then catch up on your geeky encyclopedic knowledge of American literature and mytical monsters with this:

 The Cthulhu Cat Ball cat bed is made in the image of mighty Cthulhu

The Cat Ball® bed is a modern pod style bed for your kitty with a slightly steampunk angle. Inspired by H.P Lovecraft's horrific beast, our Cthulhu Cat Ball® cat bed is designed exactly like our Cat Ball® beds, but with a few scary monster details added. The Cthulhu has removable tentacles to make washing less confusing. We also added a row of razor sharp teeth, and he is lined with onion rings. 

The Cthulhu Cat Ball cat bed original cat cave bed

This was a one of a kind project that I made to entertain myself, but I guess we will make more until we run out of this phenomenal lizard skin fabric. Who designed this quilting cotton, and why? 


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