That Day We Were Getting Silly and Having Fun - Nyan Cat Ball

One day, possibly while listening to a certain little tune on YouTube, I had the idea to make a Nyan Cat theme Cat Ball® cat bed. Eventually we found this perfect rainbow fabric, and then the lining, which you've got to admit, does look just a little like a frosted toaster pastry. Finally, we just had to find the perfect cat. This one had to do:

The CAT BALL cat bed made for the Nyan Cat in rainbow fabric. The Cat Ball is a cave style bed for cats.

 Just chillin' in the  Cat Ball® cat bed made for the Nyan Cat. This modern cat bed is all rainbow outside and all "pop tart" inside. Our Cat Ball® for the Nyan Cat has been featured in Buzzfeed, on the Etsy front page (back when that still existed) and in the Etsy newsletter. 

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