Woodlands Flower Cat Ball Cat Bed

Do you love cute fabrics? We do! We fell in love with the Riley Blake Woodland collection and this is one of the cat bed designs we created with the fabrics. Look how the peach fabrics look so good with Tink's cream, tan and grey fur (and her peachy-pink nose!) We hope to eventually see photos of cats with flame point and tortoise shell coats inside this style. 

The Woodlands Flower Cat Ball cat bed is made with Riley Blake fabrics

The Cat Ball® cat bed is a modern pet bed, designed for cats and styled for people. This design was made in the state of Washington in the USA. 

The model here is Tink, who is a very small cat at 8 pounds. Cats and dogs twice her size regularly use our original cat bed design. 

You can see our current collection of items made from Riley Blake fabrics here.

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