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There's all of this stuff in the world, and we can see it, touch it and often buy it. You can have many things, but you don't often see where these things come from. Don't you sometimes wonder who makes things, though?

I found these charming, cat themed fabrics by a fabric company called Clothworks, and we used them to make some Cat Balls® and Cat Canoes®. Clothworks keeps an active blog, so they did this post on our company. And then the actual fabric designer found us! There are real people out there coming up with original, creative stuff, and Alyssa Thomas, designer and owner at Penguin & Fish is one of them! 

Penguin & Fish creates original fabric designs, including the adorable ones we selected, and also creates embroidery patterns and craft project ideas that incorporate Alyssa's fabrics. This embroidery pattern is completely integrated with the cat fabrics that we used for our cat bed designs! 

Anyway, Alyssa reached out to us after seeing how we interpreted her fabric designs, and she made this black and white sketch of our Cat Ball®. I added the fabric swatches to help visualize her adorable designs. 

The Cat Ball and the Cat Canoe cat beds are made with fabric designed by Penguin and Fish.

You can find @penguinandfish on Instagram

The Penguin & Fish blog is really good! Alyssa has so many quality posts to help inspire you, offering useful tips and great insights. The blog is here

I also visited Alyssa's Pinterest page, because I was curious about what inspires and captivates her, and I realized that she and I have a lot of similar interests. 

It was a fun circle of events and connections to communicate with the fabric manufacturer and then the fabric designer. I love how stuff like this helps to make the world a smaller, more connected place. 

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