Coordinating Cat Bed Fabrics 2022

Updated on February 25, 2022

Do you like to have matching or coordinating cat beds? This blog post should make it easier for you to visualize the options for mixing and matching our new 2022 fabric selections. 

A Cat Ball and Cat Canoe bed both made in lime green fabrics

These lime green fabrics aren't a designer's collection, but they look pretty good together.

The lime green kitties Cat Ball® cat bed is in a fabric by Andover and the lime green Cat Canoe® fabrics are by Contempo. The repetitive white patterns help the two fabrics work well together. 

Navy blue Cat Ball® cat bed and lime green Cat Canoe modern pet bed

Here's the same lime green Cat Canoe® shown with the Cat Ball® cat bed in a fabric we called "Navy Lines", just in case anyone wondered how they look together. 

Navy blue cat bed options

We also made a navy blue Cat Canoe® with a fairy print. The fairy fabric is by Hoffman and has delicate metallic details. In a previous year we used the fairy fabric to make the Cat Ball® cat bed, you might remember it. 

Navy blue Cat Ball cat bed and the brown tiger Cat Canoe

Navy blue Cat Ball® cat bed and our Cat Canoe® in "brown tiger" fabrics

This navy blue fabric looks great with so many other fabrics! Here we are showing it with our Cat Canoe® in "brown tiger". We've made other beds that will coordinate with these two. 

Cat Ball® in an orange fabric that coordinates with the brown tiger fabric Cat Canoe bed

These two beds are both lined with the "brown tiger" fabric

Sometimes I wish I had about 8 more cats so I could have a tortoise shell cat to photograph with fabrics like these! Orange kitties will also look great with these beds, and can you visualize a black kitty inside the orange geo Cat Ball® cat bed? 

The Cat Ball® and Cat Canoe® made in coordinating brown and orange fabrics
Three of our innovative cat beds, all made with coordinating fabrics


These three beds were made to coordinate with each other, but none of them are exact matches. The three fabrics in use are the brown with brown circles by Marcus Fabrics, the orange circle grid print by In The Beginning fabrics, and the tiger print by Robert Kaufman. 

Cat Ball® cat bed in a brown print cotton fabric
Our model Tink demonstrates this Cat Ball® cat bed.


Need help visualizing the orange geometric lining fabric? This graphic might help.

Swatches demonstrating the Cat Ball cat bed which will be made in coordinating brown and orange fabrics

This Cat Ball® in brown circles fabric will coordinate nicely with other beds in our collection. 

We also got some great pastel options, which haven't been that easy to photograph. Here is my first attempt:

Pastel fabric cat bed options

These pastel prints are in grey, mint green, pink and aqua

Pastel fabric cat bed options

Here's another view of the pastel fabric options in 2022

The pastel fabrics are all by Riley Blake, we were able to mix and match the shell and lining options to create a pretty visually flexible group of coordinating cat beds, including Cat Ball® in mint green, Grey Fishbones Cat Ball®, Pink Hearts Cat Canoe® and the Aqua Blue Fish Bones Cat Canoe®. There's also a Cat Canoe® in Grey Fish Bones

Cat Canoe made in a grey fish bones fabric

The grey fish bones fabric is also by Riley Blake. This bed uses a brighter coral color fabric for the lining. 

Do you have ideas for mixing, matching and coordinating our different cat bed options that I did not show here? Let me know if you have any great ideas so I can add them here or post them to our Instagram feed!

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