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What is new for 2023? We have sourced some adorable prints by Felicity Fabrics and we are so excited to make more Cat Ball® cat beds with them!

How We Make Our Cat Beds

We make our our cat bed designs in small production runs. All of the fabrics are stacked, a paper cutting template is place on top, and it's all secured with these weird, super-long pins. Then, it's cut with a fabric cutter that's like a jigsaw mixed with a band saw. 

This fabric cutting tool can cut many layers of fabric all at once

Example of a fabric cutting machine that can cut many layers all at once

It's really amazing how many layers a machine like this can cut all at once! This is also how we cut the foam panels that go inside the beds.

Felicity Fabrics Prints for 2023

We ordered an assortment of Felicity Fabrics prints with plans to make four different Cat Ball® cat bed SKUs. We will update this blog post with actual photos of the finished beds when they are ready. Until then, just refer to the swatch images. 

"Blue Flower"

The Cat Ball cat bed made in blue flower print and lined with a coordinating yellow butterfly.

We used three different Felicity Fabrics prints to create the "Blue Flower" Cat Ball® cat bed. The floral stems and leaves are in an avocado green, and the yellow of the butterfly lining fabric is more of a mustard tone. 

 "Olive Flower"

The cat Ball cat bed made with a Felicity Fabrics print with an olive green background

This sku is still in production and will be available later in 2023

"Coral Flower"

Swatches for the Cat Ball® cat bed to be made with Felicity Fabrics in a coral colorway.

The "Coral Flower" fabric option is still in sewing production. Look for these later in 2023.

 "Forest Walk"

A fun Cat Ball® cat bed option with a surprise lining fabric.

The shell fabric is the flowing dots connected by dashes, and the lining is the ants following wave-like trails.

The name of this Felicity Fabrics collection is "Forest Walk", have a closer look at the lining fabric and you'll see the inspiration for the name! I'm not sure what to call this Cat Ball when it is finished. Do you have any suggestions? 

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