Mini Cat Ball cat bed

There are two cat models for the Cat Ball. There is Retro, a stunning and athletic lynx point Siamese/Angora blend who weighs about 15 pounds (6.8kg) and there is Tink. Tiny little Tink is about 8 pounds (3.6kg) and I still don't believe the scale. Really? She really weighs THAT much? 

Retro and Tink are cat models for the Cat Ball cat bed

Inspired by Tink's tiny, lithe body, I redeveloped  my Cat Ball® cat bed pattern to fit small cats and kittens. Like the standard size Cat Ball, this mini version has two openings and is made with the same techniques. We've seen some kittens using it on Instagram, and here are example videos taken by foster parents @tonistails and @foster_kittens

The new mini Cat Ball cat bed was designed for kittens and small cats and is made in the USA.

We are making the mini in cute, cheerful fabrics and we think that small dogs might also use this cat bed. Bring your dog over to my photo studio and we can find out! We estimate that animals to about 9 pounds(4 kg) can use this bed. Retro did get into it once, but he was too large to be comfortable.  

The mini Cat Ball cat bed and the standard size Cat Ball


On the left is our new mini size Cat Ball® cat bed, and our standard size is on the right.

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