Hairy Cat Ball - Vorpal Rabbit

The Vorpal rabbit strikes terror in the hearts of crusading knights - but how about the domestic house cat? Will your cat scream like a girl and run in terror, or will your cat boldly face this ferocious, flesh-eating rabbit of myth and lore?

The Hairy Cat Ball Cat bed in white faux fur

Our newest iteration of the "hairy Cat Ball" concept is a white furry bunny rabbit cat bed, but of a special flesh-eating lagomorph order. Not a zombie rabbit, this rabbit is quite alive and is likely to be classified as Lepus carnes. This species is characterized as having a luxurious white coat (50% acrylic fibers and 50% Modacrylic fibers, to be exact), pink eyes, and a full set of canine teeth. 

Retro inside the hairy Cat Ball cat bed

As you can see, Retro is not afraid of the hairy Cat Ball® cat bed! 

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