Whale Cat Ball® cat bed

We admit that we have had a great time feeding cats to our shark Cat Ball® cat bed. There is simply something satisfying about seeing a cat asleep inside a shark (a shark with button eyes and textile teeth, that is). After the shark, we made a cat-eating fluffy bunny rabbit (who also has textile teeth). We've been wondering what to feed our cats to next, and finally, here it is: the whale Cat Ball® cat bed!

 The Cat Ball cat bed is made to look like a blue whale, so you can have a beach themed cat bed

There might be a hitch, though. I mean, who on earth thought it was a good idea to hire a cat to be a lifeguard? 

The blue whale Cat Ball cat bed is a funny beach themed pet bed design, and works as a photo prop for cats! Thanks to Retro, our Siamese supermodel, for helping us out at the beach photo shoot. He's heading to the Snack Shack now to get a tunatini.




  • Patricia Timmons

    Glad I found you! Love your products and most especially love that they’re made in USA!❤

  • Ann marie muzrim

    We have 18 indoor rescued cats and we do own a catball. We have one cat that owns that catball all to himself. He was left on a doorstep on a weekend in over 100 degree weather infested in fleas and malnuritioned. He is pretty much blind and his brain did not fully develop. We love him so much and he absolutely loves his catball. Thank you for making such a safe haven for our “Moose Tracks”.

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