Hairy Cat Ball - Easter Bunny

Yesterday it was a vorpal rabbit, today it is the Easter Bunny. No matter what your calendar says, this novelty Cat Ball® cat bed design is always silly, and always hairy.

Made out of a dense and luxurious faux fur, our bunny Cat Ball® cat bed looked so much like the Easter Bunny that we got out the plastic eggs and told Tink the tall tale about the bunny that leaves gifts for good little boys and girls. Neither she nor Retro seemed  to believe a word that I was telling them.

The Easter Bunny Cat Ball cat bed is a pet bed that looks like a white rabbit and is made out of white fur

Retro is in the first two panels (he's the cat with the huge head) and Tink is in the second two panels (she has a tiny head). Retro is a tall and large cat and weighs about 15 pounds, and Tink is a little 8 pound kitty. 

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  • Jeri

    I have this Easter Bunny Bed. I’m afraid the one I have is on it’s last hop. Let me know if I can commission a new one. This was/is Charlie’s favorite. Thanks Jennifer!

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