The Shark Cat Ball for Shark Week


The shark Cat Ball cat bed is a funny pet bed that brings Shark Week to your home all year long!

Maybe you know that we've made a shark Cat Ball® cat bed. We did have Shark Week in mind when we designed it. We also had a goal of making you laugh. 

This popular design makes an entertaining photo prop.  

Feed your cat to the apex predator of the living room, the great white shark CAT BALL cat bed! This is a funny cat product design.

the shark CAT BALL cat bed is a funny photo prop

Retro is lounging inside our shark Cat Ball® cat bed



the shark CAT BALL cat bed



Retro relaxes inside the shark Cat Ball® cat bed. 







 Join our Instagram fun for Shark Week! Tag your photos of your cat in our shark Cat Ball® cat bed with #catsinsharks and #sharkcatball so everyone can see your #funnycatphotos


  • Jennifer

    Shark Cat Ball® cat bed update – We are making more of these funny cat beds ASAP. The pandemic has affected fabric supply chains, so right now I’m trying to source the same fabrics, and working on a plan for “second choice” fabrics if I cannot get a supply for the same colors and prints.
    - Jennifer

  • Kathryn Rodrigues Lima

    Is the shark ball still for sale? I can’t find it :(

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