CATTRESS Cat Bed Designed to Hold Heating Pad

Tink and Flat Tink pose with our cat bed made with a pocket to hold a electric or microwaveable pet bed heater

Tink and Flat Tink pose with our new CATTRESS™ pet beds beds that are designed with a pocket to hold a heating pad

Cozy cat beds are great, but what can we do for a cat who is always cold? Cats who are short haired, hairless, elderly, or physically small, often have difficulty staying warm. My little kitty Tink is a petite cat and even though she’s got good fluff, she’s so small that she gets cold, and in the winter she seeks out the beds with electric heating pads, so I created the CATTRESS™ pet bed style for kitties who want to use a heating pad.

Our cat bed design has a pocket that holds common pet bed heaters or warmers
The pocket on the CATTRESS pet bed measures 10"x10" and it can hold any of these pet bed warming pads

Let’s pause for a quick discussion of heating pads for pets. What I am talking about here is a heating pad designed specifically for use with pets. I know about a microwavable pad made by K&H, and one by SnuggleSafe. These pads easily heat up in your microwave, advertise that they stay warm for hours, and will fit into the pocket on our beds. K&H also makes electric pet bed warmers, and what you see in the photos here is an older version of their size small, which is what I designed to pocket to hold. This heater uses a very small amount of power and keeps the surface of the pet bed warmer than ambient air temperature, so it is no wonder Tink likes to sit on the heating pad! This electric pad needs to be covered and should never be used in an enclosed space where the animal cannot get away from it.

Tink and Flat Tink posing by the cat bed with a pocket to hold a pet bed heating pad

We would like to thank Flat Tink for assisting with the photo shoot. This is our size small CATTRESS™ pet bed. 

We are making the CATTRESS in two sizes, Small and Large. Our small bed measures about 15" x 18" and has a 10" x 10" pocket that will fit the small electric K&H heating pad and their microwavable heating pad. Our large bed measures about 12" x 25" and the pocket is huge, almost the same size as the bed. This pocket will hold two different K&H heating pads, their medium (which is 5.5" x 20") and their large (which is 11" x 23.75"). This photo demonstrates both bed sizes.

Cat bed made with a pocket to hold an electric or microwavable heating pad

The pockets will help to keep the heating pad positioned in the center of the bed, and the single layer of fabric separating the heating pad and your kitty means they will be able to feel more heat than they could if you placed the pad under a towel. 

Little Tink on top of the large size heating pad pocket bed.

 This is little Tink on the large size CATTRESS™

Both the small and large CATTRESS will fit into the Cat Ball® cat bed.

The Cat Ball® cat bed shown with size small heating pad pocket bed inside

The Cat Ball® cat bed shown with size small CATTRESS inside

The Cat Ball® cat bed shown with size large heating pad pocket bed inside

The Cat Ball® cat bed shown with size large CATTRESS inside

Right now we are making the CATTRESS beds with leftover fabrics so most of them are one of a kind (OOAK). The beds are filled with a thick 2” batting, so they are super puffy. The fabrics are 100% cotton and can be washed with cold water, no bleach. Tumble dry on a lower setting to avoid excessive shrinking, or dry flat.

Tink likes this bed, I’ve got one set up for her on my worktable and it’s a favorite place for her. I've also put a heated bed next to my computer and this helps her to find a sleeping spot close to me, yet not in my way. Consumer testers have given the CATTRESS bed design good reviews, the cats are are choosing this bed over the same heater wrapped in a towel, probably because this thinner fabric transfers more heat to the cat. 

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