Cat Beds in Abstract Black and White Fabrics

The Cat Ball and Cat Canoe cat bed designs made in abstract black and white fabrics

We found some great black and white abstract fabrics to work with this year. These Windham fabrics look rather like little ink sketches and doodles. We like using fabrics like these because the dark and repetitive patterns really help to hide the fur that cats shed. 

The Windham fabrics you see here are all from a coordinating collection, so you can mix and match the cat beds we created, and they will all look great together. Here is an overview of your options.

The Cat Ball

The Cat Ball cat bed made in abstract black and white fabrics that looks like cells

Cat Ball modern cat bed in Abstract Black and White Fans Fabric
Jumbo Cat Canoe a bed for big cats - Black and White Abstract Cells Fabric

The "abstract cells" fabrics used to make our jumbo size Cat Canoe® cat bed design.


The Cat Canoe modern cat bed design made in abstract black and white fabrics

Our standard size Cat Canoe®  made with abstract black and white fabrics. 

You can find these beds by clicking on the photos and links above, or by searching our section of coordinating fabrics. 


  • Regina B

    If I pay you LOTS of $$$, will you make some skirts for me???
    These are such delightful patterns, I want to match the kit-teh canoes :-)
    Amy my kit-tehs love their canoes though I must admit they are still figuring them out.
    They are the most fun beds, thanks for offering such cool kit-teh schtuff :-)
    Cheers, Regina B

  • Kerstin

    Love them all!

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