Christmas Fabrics 2016

We've made Cat Balls for Christmas!

Over the years we've seen some adorable customer photos that show their new Cat Ball placed under the Christmas tree, with a kitty peacefully "loafing" inside. It looks so cute that this year we decided to create a special treat for anyone who likes to create a Christmas look: the special edition Christmas Cat Ball® cat bed. 

This year you can wrap your kitty in a velvet wrapping and tuck her in under your Christmas tree with our special edition Christmas Cat Ball® cat bed

 Christmas fabric Cat Ball cat bed

We've selected a scarlet red panne velvet for the shell and the openings are finished with soft, white furry stuff. There are two lining options, one in a reindeer fabric and one in a holiday stripes fabric.

Tink is inside her Christmas Cat Ball cat bed, and wearing a cute santa hat

Tink just became Santa's little elf! The cute hat is by MissMaddyMakes on Etsy

Christmas theme cat bed made by The Cat Ball, LLC

The red panne velvet is 100% polyester, and the calico linings are 100% cotton. This Cat Ball is completely washable, using our usual washing directions

We have also made a Cat Canoe® using fabrics from the same collection:

Cat Canoe pet bed made in cute Christmas fabrics

The cat in the photo only weighs 8 pounds, but it will fit cats to at least 19 pounds. 

The Cat Canoe modern pet bed made in cute Christmas fabric

Won't it look cute under the Christmas tree? 

Retro poses for us here in a Christmas patchwork Cat Canoe®. He weighs 15 pounds.

Christmas fabric Cat Canoe modern pet bed

We only have a few of these cute cotton calico patchwork Christmas Cat Canoe® pet beds left. 





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