Coordinating Cat Beds - Black and White Bricks

What colors do you imagine people like to see cat beds made in? Black and white patterns are among the most popular with our customers. It makes sense, really. Black cats will look great on these fabrics, and so will those tuxedo-wearing kitties. Tabby cats who shed (bless their hearts) leave little cat furs that look blackish and whitish, and these hairs can often be disguised against a repetitive print in black and white. 

The practicality using of black and white fabrics in cat beds is one consideration, and the look of your home décor and furniture is another. We often select fabrics with densely repeating images because these prints can help to disguise fur deposits. Many of our customers like to get a Cat Ball® and Cat Canoe® that match or coordinate, so when we found these black and white fabrics in a large yardage, we thought we found a winner.

Cat Ball and Cat Canoe modern cat bed designs made in coordinating black and white cotton fabrics that look like stacked bricks.

We think it's a great look, but would these fabrics look good in your home or with your cats? The bricks are rather fascinating to look at, and depending on the look of your home, they might be soothing of they might help to express a sense of humor. 


Cat Ball modern cat bed made in a black and white brick pattern

What looks good in your home? Are repetitive black and white patterns a good look for the nest you've created in your abode, or do you look for something else, like warm-color earthy neutrals? 

Cat Canoe modern cat bed made in a black and white brick pattern

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