Cute Cat Fabric Face Masks are Adjustable and Reversible

I think it is possible that people will need to wear face masks for a long time so as I was thinking about designing a new face mask I asked myself what might be important in a face mask if I had to buy them and wear them for another 6 months or longer? I wanted a good looking mask that was comfortable to wear for long periods of time and I also knew if I really liked it I would be disappointed if it broke, but excited if there was a way to fix it. I felt like the most likely elements to get broken would be a nose wire and the headband, so I designed this mask so that both of those features could be removed and replaced. Here is a breakdown of the new face mask design.

Cute Cat Fabric Face Masks

Are you on “team cat” and want to show full feline allegiances by wrapping your face with cute cat fabric face masks? We’ve combined fun and function with our new reversible and adjustable face masks made with bold cat fabrics.

Cute cat fabric face masks have an adjustable headband and are reversible. Made in USA.

This photo grid shows four different fabric options. This face mask is shaped to your face with a nose dart. This design allows more of the attractive fabric pattern to show.

Great Fabric, Quality Fabric

Our fabrics were sourced from top quality cotton fabric manufacturers so they are pretty, high quality and will wear well over time. Our original, innovative face mask design is reversible, is made with three layers of woven cotton fabric, and has a filter pocket.

Reversible Face Mask

Wear this reversible face mask either way! The mask easily flips over to be worn with either side showing. We have used the cute cat fabrics on one side and coordinating fabrics on the other.

Cute cat fabric face masks are reversible

This mask design is available in sizes Medium and Large

 Reversible face mask made with purple and pink cat fabric

Face Mask for People Who Wear Glasses

A common problem for people who wear glasses or hearing aids is that their ears are already filled up: there just isn’t any more room for the ears to hold ear loops. This face mask design does not use ear loops. Instead, this behind the head face mask stays on with an adjustable ribbon and is also an option for people who can’t use earloop face masks for other reasons. That said, it may be difficult to use this style of face mask if you have mobility issues. You will need to be able to lift your arms above and behind your head and grasp a small bead to use this face mask. It may be possible for people with such mobility issues to use this mask if it has elastic instead of a ribbon, contact us for more information.

This face mask design has an adjustable headband and is a good option if you wear glasses or hearing aids

The adjustable headband wraps around the back of the head, not the ears, so this face mask can be more comfortable to wear for long periods of time and does not use the ears. 

Easy Access Filter Pocket

Our masks are made with three layers of cotton fabric and the design has a filter pocket if you want to add more. Some people find that folding a tissue into a long strip and placing it high up in the mask, right along the top, helps to create a barrier that will prevent glasses fogging, so that is one reason you might still want a filter pocket in a three-layer washable face mask. I often cut a paper towel into long strips and add it for a filter layer. I designed this face mask filter pocket differently than most (or any?). The filter pocket is open at the bottom. I tested my prototype masks and realized this would work, and the bottom access filter pocket makes it easier to get a filter in the pocket.

This face mask design has a filter pocket you access from the bottom. The wide opening makes it easier to add a filter.

The filter pocket is at the bottom of the mask and is wide and easy to access. I often cut a paper towel into strips and use one strip as a removeable filter.

Adjustable Face Mask

Our lanyard style face mask uses a ribbon headband for an adjustable fit and the masks are made with a 54” long ribbon that wraps around the back of the head rather than your ears. Adjust the headband with a sliding bead to get the mask on or off.

Want to keep your mask handy? The adjustable head strap is a lanyard that lets you to keep the mask conveniently around your neck.

Want to keep your mask handy? The adjustable head strap is a lanyard that lets you to keep the mask conveniently around your neck.


The ribbon headband is threaded through two casings and can be easily removed and replaced. We made the mask this way so you can customize or replace it. Your needs may change over time, and we thought it would be great if a mask could be updated to meet those needs.

Reversible face mask made with pretty blue cat fabric

What else works for a lanyard?

Elastic – Elastic creates a snug fit and I prefer it when I’m doing something really physical, like bicycling or carrying boxes. The original bead will work with ¼” elastic.

Shoelace/Leather Shoelace – These are easy to find and might give a better grip with certain hair types (or lack of hair). Look for something about 54” long.

Stretchy Knit Fabric – Replacing the headband with a strip of stretchy knit fabric is a clever hack and you can do it with a t-shirt. Cut the hem off an old t-shirt and discard it, then in a single layer, cut a continuous strip from the shirt, starting at the bottom. I found a 5/8” wide cut works well, being a good width for my head and the stitched casing on the mask. I cut the strip about 54” long and trimmed the tips to a point and slipped the original bead back on easily. TIP: If you cut the fabric this way and then pull it tightly it will curl up on itself and look like a tube rather than a flat strip and it still works fine.

Things to remember

  • Tie a knot at the end of the strap so your bead slider doesn’t pull off
  • Don’t want a bead slider? You can also use a toggle or cord lock
  • Attach a safety pin to the new headband to make it easier to thread through the casing, or pull it through with tweezers

Quality Fabrics Last Longer

High quality fabrics wash better and last longer, so we buy the more expensive fabrics. We recommend washing face masks in a lingerie bag in cold water. Do not bleach. I smooth and straighten the damp fabric, easing any wrinkles out, and let the masks hang dry. It is OK to put them in the dryer but they will probably get wrinkled.

It’s Not Just Cats - Other Fabrics Available

This is true: we also made these face masks with other fabrics, not just cat fabrics. The reversible design allows you to choose your look for the day. The fun part? If you open the filter pocket you’ll see the secret third layer of fabric we hid inside!

When you lift the bottom hem to access the filter pocket you will see the third layer of fabric. We’ve used fun surprise fabrics in the filter pockets.

When you lift the bottom hem to access the filter pocket you will see the third layer of fabric. We’ve used fun surprise fabrics in the filter pockets.

Each fabric was cut in either Medium or Large and is only available in that size. Because the masks have the adjustable headband you might be able to wear either size or share masks with others in your household. We save manufacturing time by stacking the fabrics for one size and cut them at once. We suggest that you first view these face masks by size, the Medium reversible face masks are here and the Large reversible face masks are here. If you really love a fabric in the other size just pay close attention to the measurements and have a look at the photos that compare Medium to Large.

Compare the reversible face mask in size medium to large on the same person

This mask design is made in size Medium or Large, here you can see the two sizes on the same person



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