Hairy Cat Ball® cat bed - Yeah we made a doggie

The Cat Ball design team likes to make hairy Cat Ball® beds, and our newest is the hairy dog Cat Ball® cat bed. 

The Cat Ball® cat bed - this novelty dog variation of our hexagonal cat cave has floppy ears, many teeth, and is lined with a funny onion ring fabric

They say that the dog is in the details, and our furry friend has friendly eyes, floppy ears, a doggie nose, plenty of teeth, and a special surprise under the tail.

The bed is made with faux fur and is lined with a funny onion ring fabric. 

The Cat Ball LLC has created a novelty design hairy Cat Ball bed that looks like a dog

The doggie you see here is the chocolate lab, and we also got fur to make a yellow lab. The cat in the photos is Tink, who only weighs 7.5 pounds. Cats twice her weight can easily use the Cat Ball® cat bed.

The bed used in this photo shoot is one of the prototypes we made. We will make a small production run of this special edition Cat Ball® cat bed design, which will probably be ready in summer 2019. 

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