How To Get Friends and Family to Spoil Your Cat

Add the Cat Ball® to Your Amazon Wish List! 

Maybe you've seen the Cat Ball® cat bed on Instagram and you know that your cat would look adorable inside it. After all, the Cat Ball® cat bed is a great photo prop!

All you need to do is add the Cat Ball® to your Amazon wish list! We have seen our cat beds on wedding registry lists and on cat rescue and foster wish lists.  

First things first - you want a genuine Cat Ball® cat bed, not a copy. We invented this hexagonal cat bed with two openings, we figured out a way to make it, and we source top quality foam and fabrics to make it with. We also make all of our cat beds in North America, in fact we are now only making our beds in USA (some of our remaining inventory was made in Mexico). You know you're getting the real thing when you're shopping right here on, but how do you find authentic Cat Ball, LLC products on Amazon

The Cat Ball is a great gift for cat lovers

You can search for our brand, The Cat Ball, on with this link. This search will give results for genuine Cat Ball products, and it will open in a new window.

Do you foster kittens and want a mini size Cat Ball® for them? Let your supportive fan base know that your foster babies would enjoy the Cat Ball® and add it to your Amazon Wish List. This search term, "mini size cat ball" will give you the results you need. 

And for a general overview, here is a link to our Amazon storefront. 

The Cat Ball cat bed is a great present for cats and cat owners

If you want to shop locally, here is a list of stores who carry our products. 

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  • Gloria Restrepo

    I would like to order a cat ball, but I’m based in Colombia, South America. Is it posible to order it from here?

    Best regards

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