How We Ship Orders

August 19, 2020

Our shipping policy is to ship things quickly, selecting the best method for your needs and shipping location, for example we always use USPS when shipping to Alaska or Hawaii. We actually prefer using USPS anyway, but if you prefer that we ship with UPS or FedEx, just leave a note when you're checking out and we will use your preferred method*. 

We've been shipping our face masks with USPS Priority Mail, it costs more than First Class, but it has been quite reliable so far this year. 

Retro, our half Siamese cat model, underneath a Cat Canoe® modern pet bed

If you have any requests with shipping, for example maybe you'd like us to include a gift note, let us know. 

*Did you order a cat bed? For best results we recommend removing the shipping box immediately after opening. 

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