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Cats are the greatest entertainers on the internet, so maybe they can also inspire us to self-reflection and self-improvement. With these goals in mind, we have been creating inspirational cat posters. The images here are our own original creations. We also share these posters and memes on a Pinterest board. 

Starting With Caturday

What is the best day of the week? Oh, it is certainly Caturday! If you have cats then you've probably learned that they observe Caturday every day. 

Caturday cat meme by The Cat Ball

OK, Maybe There Are Other Days

OK, maybe there are days other than Caturday. Let's jump ahead (or fall back) to Thursday first. Why Thursday? Well, Thursday prepares us for Friday, and it's easy to get excited about Friday. 

Cat meme by The Cat Ball - Thursday Feels

When the Sun Sets on Caturday

The Earth rotates and eventually, the actual 24 hours of any Caturday will end, bringing us one day closer to another important day (because Tuesday is so ignorable) - we approach a new problem, and it is called "Monday". 

The Problem of Monday

What do we know about Monday? There's usually never enough coffee for it, and you can't hide from it forever (but you can try for a little while). 

Cat meme by The Cat Ball - Hiding from Monday

Relevant Every Day

So some days are memorable and others get forgotten. Is there any wisdom that is relevant every day of the week? Let's try this:

Cat meme by The Cat Ball - Hold my calls

 Do What You Love

Really the best life is a life where you wake up any day of the week and get to do something that you love. Maybe you don't get to do it all day, I mean eventually, we've got to wash the dishes, but hopefully, that gem is waiting for you. 

Inspirational cat poster made by The Cat Ball

 Is Your Cat Inspirational?

Do you have a cat who inspires you? Is your feline friend potentially an influencer who can inspire us to higher levels of performance and personal accomplishment? What should you do next? You can make your own inspirational cat poster if you want. I used the tool at to create some of these images. I took all of the photos here at the Cat Ball World Headquarters and the cats? They're from my personal collection. Have a good photo or a fun idea but you're too busy cleaning litter boxes to do it? Send me an email and maybe I can help! 

We will be making more of these, or maybe we've made too many already. What do you think? We've been sharing them on Instagram, easy to find with hashtag #InspirationalCatPoster

Inspirational cat posters made by The Cat Ball

 Are You Inspired?

Are you inspired to make a cat meme or an inspirational cat poster? Share it on Twitter and Instagram using hashtags like #inspirationalcat, #inspirationalcatposter, and #catmeme. We will see you there!

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