Make a Face Mask Fit For Hearing Aids or Glasses

We have an aftermarket solution to make our face masks more comfortable to wear, especially if you use glasses or hearing aids.

We’ve been finishing our contour fit face masks with two different wearing options: ear loops or behind the head elastic. It turns out that the behind the head elastic (BTH) is popular and the fabric options sell out quickly, leaving people frustrated. We get it, and the issue was bothering us, and then we realized we had a solution: we can add elastic bands to any ear loop style face mask we've already made. 

We added tow aftermarket elastic bands to this ear loop style face mask so it can be worn either wayTwo elastic bands have been added to this finished ear loop style face mask

This solution is a smart quick fix. You can choose any finished ear loop style face mask in our size Large or size Medium, and just make a note when you’re checking out that you want us to add the behind head elastic. We will sew it on as an aftermarket addition to your face mask and ship the mask with both ear loops and BTH elastic. If you want to cut the ear loops off you can, it is easy to do, or maybe you’ll like having both.

Here is a video showing a mask I just finished adding the two bands of elastic to:

Can you see how I added two thin bands of elastic, each with beads? The beads act as a slider so you can adjust the elastic tension. This aftermarket customization can potentially make any face mask more comfortable for you to wear. 

We added two bands of aftermarket elastic to this ear loop style face mask so you can wear it without using your earsDo our photos and videos here explain this well? Does it make sense to you, or do I need to work on getting more photos and video? 

I personally really like wearing the face masks with behind the head elastic. I wear glasses and find that the double bands keep it tight on my face, which is part of the strategy you need to prevent glasses fogging. The secure fit of the double bands makes them my preferred option if I’m moving a bit harder than usual, like carrying boxes into the Post Office. Behind the head elastics don’t use your ears to keep a mask on the face, so if your ears are already filled up with hearing aids or glasses, it’s an option to consider. If your ears simply can’t use ear loops then this style of face mask should be considered. I like the basic concept so much that I’m currently working on a prototype for another face mask style that also stays on the head without using the ears.

Our face masks are made with three layers of tightly woven cotton fabrics from the cotton quilting market. We manufacture our face masks in the State of Washington, where we also make our innovative cat bed designs. 

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  • Ron Schroeder

    Thank you for showing this ear loop Cat Ball site, It is a better communication than your googled behind the head Cat Ball site. personality I think black ear loops and black behind the head are the way to go. ushering aid, so behind the head in black is preference. Also llike the ear loop and behind the head together combination in black. I am a photojournalist with also art design education and judge black bands the best with any mask. Looks like black quilting fabric is scarce. However black is a preference. “Shark” fabric is close. so popular, but I see sold out..I would order black but of choices offer now, the color block looks tore the vest other choice, with black behind the headband several withnthecombo of black ear loop and behind the head. Your earlier suggestion mentioned there might be more quilting fabric colors with ear loop masks, that can have the behind the head added. For several masks, that combo would be nice option to have in black loops and head bands, along with several just behind the head masks in black bands. I will check those out next. Thanks. These masks are for lthe LARGE size for myself. Masks look like good coverage that extends close to ears, and well over most of nose bridge and under chin, as huge plus!! Many mask do not cover well.

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