National Cupcake Day

Celebrate National Cupcake Day in style with your cat! We found the best fabric to honor the holiday, and created two adorable cat beds with cute pink cupcake fabrics! 

Tink sits in a pink cupcake fabric Cat Canoe for National Cupcake Day

 We aren't exactly sure what to do to celebrate National Cupcake Day, after all we are in the business of making cat beds, not cupcakes. Hopefully someone out there has some good ideas and will be sharing them on Instagram and Twitter! #nationalcupcakeday #cupcakecatbed #thecatball

A cat stands in front of a Cat Ball cat bed made with a cute pink cupcake fabric.

Tink is trying to come up with some good ideas for National Cupcake Day

Probably the best way to celebrate this important holiday is with a cat in a hat and and photoshoot, resulting in more ridiculous Instagram posts. See you on Instagram after the hat arrives! #catswearinghats


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