The Whale Cat Ball cat bed

Our shark Cat Ball® cat bed has been popular, so we created a whale to go with it. The whale is made with a lining fabric of sea turtles in pretty blue, green and gold. 

There are two different belly stripe options: one is multi blue stripe with crisp lines, and the other is a blue and white stripe that looks more like watercolor paint. Have a look here:

The whale Cat Ball pet bed is a novelty cat bed with fun details and made in quality cotton fabrics

The two options are similar, yet really different, and we love them both!

Here are more photos so you can compare:

The whale Cat Ball pet bed made with bold color stripes

The whale Cat Ball cat bed made with watercolor stripes

Thanks to our model, Tink, for holding still long enough to let us take these photos. Tink is a tiny little thing, and only weighs about 8 pounds. Much larger cats (and even dogs) can use the Cat Ball®, and we often get reports of 18 or 19 pound cats using our original, hexagonal cat bed design. For more photos of Tink, search Instagram for #stinkeyetink

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  • Heather Eberhardt

    Hello, our cat really loved the blue whale, but chewed a hole into the Side because she likes The smell of foam. We would love to order another one or the gray shark version But they appear sold out. Will you be making them again?

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