Shark Week Photo Edit Fun

Shark Week is coming up and we want to celebrate it by having fun with our cats!

We invite you (and your cats) to join us for some Shark Week shenanigans! Let's have fun with silly photo edits!

You are welcome to use the images here, or to use your own photos. How does your cat celebrate Shark Week? What kind of predicaments will your cat get into? 

Post your images to Instagram or Facebook, and use the tags #sharkcatball and #thecatball so we can find them. We will be reposting photos, and will probably share some in our newsletter, too. 

If you have any awesome ideas or suggestions for this photo edit fun, post them in the comments below. If there is a type of image that you want, but it isn't available here, let me know. Maybe I can create it for you. 

Contest? Yes! Contest!

After you’ve thrilled and entertained us with your clever tall tales, hysterical photo edits, well-timed bloopers photos, and maybe left a comment on our blog post, there’s gonna be a winner. What are you gonna win? Are you ready for this? The winner gets this freaking’ amazing blooper shark Cat Ball® cat bed! Yes indeed, this is a one of a kind shark screw up (and seriously, I hope we never see another shark like this one, Folks, because this stuff costs us money to make!) Yes, we saved the special shark blooper Cat Ball® for you.

Special prize for Shark Week photo editing contest by The Cat Ball


Shark Cat Ball cat bed facing the viewer

Shark Cat Ball cat bed three quarters view

Jack jumping out of Shark Cat Ball cat bed

The blue whale Cat Ball cat bed

Shark and whale Cat Ball cat beds


  • Marian

    Love it!

  • CrazyCatMish

    CatDad is a graphic designer and so I’m putting him to work so we can win this contest! Shark week is his fav too! 😼😸🦈

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