Squeeze Our Cat Balls in Person - Urban Craft Uprising

Urban Craft Uprising is incredible. Have you been there? Have you done that?

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OK, first of all, it happens twice a year in Seattle, so you kinda have to plan ahead for this. We sure do. 

We aren't the only ones marking our calendars. There are over 150 vendors at this juried craft show, and many of them are coming in from other cities and states. The shoppers plan ahead too, because UCU creates exciting swag bags that are handed out to the folks who arrive early. They start to form a line around the building as they wait to enter! Seriously, over 10,000 people will attend this event. It's THAT good.

Customer comment on Urban Craft Uprising swag bags

Our swag always is a catnip cat toy, which I make from our manufacturing scrap. They look like this:

Retro is a Siamese cat, and he likes catnip toys made by The Cat Ball, LLC

Go get 'em, Retro!

It's kind of hard to explain Urban Craft Uprising. It's big. It's wonderful. The levels of craftmanship, design and skill are incredible. You're really going to see a lot of great stuff, and it is going to be well-displayed. There are top sellers at this show. These are the folks who Etsy interviews, the folks who have quit their day jobs: it's that good. If you don't believe me, see the list right here: Urban Craft Uprising Winter 2016 Vendors 

The show is located at the Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, so it is easy to get there, and there is a parking lot across the street. There will be food vendors and a coat check. And there will be the Cat Ball®. 

Yes, somewhere in a sea of fabulous jewelry, hilarious art, hand dyed yarn, charming plush toys and a huge array of foodstuff, the Cat Ball will have a booth.  Last year we were nestled between hand made skirts and slick, architectural bird houses, so we enjoyed diverse company!

We will have some new product this year including our mini size Cat Ball® cat bed:

The mini size Cat Ball is good for pets under 9 pounds

The mini size Cat Ball is good for pets like Tink, who weigh less than 9 pounds.


Our whale Cat Ball®

The whale Cat Ball cat bed

The whale Cat Ball® cat bed is a companion to our shark.

And you can jingle your cat this year with our Christmas Cat Ball®, because a lump of coal is just too messy. 

The Christmas Cat Ball cat bed in red velvet with fur

The Christmas Cat Ball cat bed is made in red velvet with fur trim at each hole. 

Here is the Facebook page for this event.

Want to go early and attend Preview Night instead? 

We will also be bringing our new version of Flat Retro, because the original one got stolen at CatConLA. He looks like this:

Retro meets Flat Retro

Retro meets a litter of Flat Retros

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