The Horse Cat Ball cat bed

Cat Ball novelty horse design, a funny cat bed made in the USA by The Cat Ball, LLC

First we made the novelty shark Cat Ball® cat bed, and people loved it. There's just something about feeding your cat to a shark, right?

Then we created a furry (and toothy) rabbit, and people loved it. We created a blue whale with baleen and people loved it. So then we made a spider, and honestly the spider was received less warmly. Hey, we get it. 

It was about time to take on another challenge, so this time we created a horse Cat Ball® cat bed. 
This novelty Cat Ball® cat bed looks like a horse

Retro walks around the new horse Cat Ball® cat bed

Our new novelty horse design Cat Ball® features big horse ears, a wild mane, large and expressive horse eyes, and classic equine dentition. The bay horse has a lovely star on his forehead and is lined with a print of white stars on a faded black background. Like most of our Cat Ball® cat beds, we've used 100% cotton fabrics, and the interior panels are foam, so the horse is washable (please follow our washing instructions).

A cat sits with his head and tail sticking out of the novelty horse design Cat Ball® cat bed

Retro sits with his head and tail sticking out of the novelty horse Cat Ball® cat bed

The horse is just another novelty variation of our classic Cat Ball® cat bed design, so it is also made with six panels and has two openings. In the photo above you can see Retro  with his head sticking out of the back end of the horse and his tail sticking out of the horse's mouth. Retro is a long and tall 15 pound cat but when he is in the mood he will curl up and sleep inside. 

A small cat sits inside the novelty design horse Cat Ball cat bed

Tink sitting inside the horse Cat Ball® cat bed


The horse tends to have floppy ears, something that is simply difficult to control with our construction methods. You can iron the ears, and I did before taking these photos. 

If the horse is popular then we will make it again in other colors. Right now my favorite idea is buckskin. Do you have any suggestions? 





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