The Lilly Collection

When we go fabric shopping, we like to buy several fabrics that look great together. This gives us the option to make a number of different cat bed designs that coordinate. The "Lilly" collection offers a great assortment in Fall 2016, with two Cat Ball® cat beds and two Cat Canoes® to choose from, you have a lot of mix and match options!

The Lilly collection of cat beds made by The Cat Ball, LLC

Who are the models? Tink is the cat in the Yellow Birds Cat Canoe®. She's a little girl, and weighs only 8 pounds. The cat in the Abstract Fall Flowers Cat Ball® cat bed is Retro. He's a big guy, and weighs 15 pounds. 


Yellow Birds Cat Canoe modern cat bed design

The Yellow Birds Cat Canoe actually has this pretty melon color as the dominant hue. 


The colors in the Lilly collection include grey, melon, white, turquoise and yellow.

We can't wait to see photos of grey cats using these beds! 

Grey Tonal Floral Cat Ball cat bed

The Grey Circles Cat Ball® cat bed offers a more modern look.


The Abstract Fall Flowers Cat Ball cat bed

The Abstract Fall Flowers Cat Ball® cat bed modeled by Retro. 


Cat Canoe from the Lilly collection, made in grey tonal floral

This grey tonal floral Cat Canoe® has an exciting secret hiding in the lining! 



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