Watermelon Cat Ball

We've got the watermelon Cat Ball® cat bed in stock again. This is a customer favorite cat bed, I suppose because it is just really cute. Black and tuxedo cats look like big seeds inside the bed.

Here we see Retro, the Siamese supermodel at The Cat Ball, demonstrating the watermelon. Retro weighs 15 pounds and is a long, tall, athletic cat. 

The Cat Ball modern pet bed made in watermelon fabric

 These photos are by @mars.and.the.brawlers and the fluffy, blue eyed beauty with a peach nose is Mars. Mars doesn't like to share her Cat Balls, and she often chases her brothers away. 

The Cat Ball is a modern cat bed design, and this one was designed to look like a watermelon

We've seen people using these hashtags for the watermelon Cat Ball: #thecatball #catsinwatermelons #watermeloncat #watermeloncatball 

We also have a watermelon Cat Canoe® to match the Cat Ball. You can see it here. 

The watermelon Cat Canoe is a pet bed that looks like fruit

 These watermelon fruit novelty pet beds are fun and funny, and have been popular photo props with Instagram users. 

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