What Style Cat Bed is Best For you?

 Cat Canoe

The Cat Canoe is a modern pet bed made by the Cat Ball, LLC


The Cat Canoe® is an open style modern cat bed that looks a bit like a boat. The padded panels are flexible and have a tendency to wrap around your cat, creating a cozy nest. Need a wider bed for your cat? Turn your Cat Canoe® inside out and the bed will have a more open shape. We've learned that some pets respond better to this. Turning the bed inside out is also a trick to try if your cat has not started using the bed yet. Here is a studio photo without a cat model to demonstrate how the shape changes when the bed is inverted:

Compare the Cat Canoe right side out to turning the bed inside out

In review, the Cat Canoe® is:
  • our original pet bed design
  • made with flexible components that allow many sleeping positions
  • fits into many cat carriers
  • not a flotation device
  • fits pets to about 19 pounds
  • cats or dogs can use this bed
  • our standard size is about 24" long and about 8" wide

The Cat Canoe® sometimes looks small to people, but cats seem to like the small size and we see big cats cramming themselves into the bed, like this large tabby:

A large tabby cat asleep in the Cat Canoe cat bed. Photo by @doublethecattrouble on Instagram
A large tabby cat asleep in the Cat Canoe cat bed. Photo by @doublethecattrouble on Instagram
We have also seen two cats sharing the Cat Canoe® so if your cats are already sharing beds they may use the Cat Canoe together, like these kitties are:
Two cats are sharing a Cat Canoe cat bed, photo by @crazycatmish
Here we see two cats sharing a Cat Canoe. The bed is turned inside out. photo by Instagram user @crazycatmish.
The soft panels of the Cat Canoe® tend to bend back over the bed, creating kind of a covered effect. This customer photo will help to demonstrate that effect.
A cat inside a Cat Canoe® cat bed. Photo by @otiandmarv
The flexible panels of the Cat Canoe tend to bend back over the bed, kind of covering the opening. Photo by Instagram user @otiandmarv.
Some people think that the Cat Canoe® isn't big enough for their cats, but remember that cats often like to cram themselves into small spaces. The cool thing about this bed is it will expand and flex, accommodating their bodies and whatever weird position they decide to sleep in. This is Retro, and he weighed about 15 pounds when this photo was taken. He's a tall and muscular cat who likes to kick his leg out of the bed, but he can fit all the way inside. 
A large Siamese tabby cat lounging in a Cat Canoe bed
A fifteen pound cat uses the Cat Canoe modern pet bed
Here's a fun photo of Retro pausing to groom during a photo session. See how flexible the bed is?
Cat grooming during photo shoot for the Cat Canoe cat bed
"I do what I want, when I want" - Retro

Cat Ball

The Cat Ball cat bed is an enclosed, cave style pet bed with two openings

The Cat Ball® cat bed is an enclosed, cave style pet bed with two openings. We always say "your cat will figure it out" because they usually do! Typically, you can just place your new Cat Ball® on the floor and your cat will come over and check it out.

  • our original design
  • thick padded walls
  • flexible, cave-style bed allows your cat to sleep in different positions
  • seams are finished with bias tape for a tailored look
  • cats and dogs can use this pet bed
  • fits pets to about 19 pounds 
  • the small opening is about 6" diameter and the larger one is about 10"
  • the diameter is about 17", the height is about 16"
  • not suitable for claustrophobic pets 


Shark Cat Ball

The shark Cat Ball® is a funny, shark shaped cat bed. This novelty pet bed fits cats or dogs to about 19 pounds

The shark Cat Ball® is a funny, shark shaped cat bed. It's actually just a Cat Ball®, and we added the scary teeth and creepy shark eyes because we were pretty sure you'd want to see your cat get eaten by a shark, and why leave the house for this spectacle? 

  • it's a Cat Ball® with sharky details
  • the fins can be ironed on cotton setting
  • do not iron the shark body
  • makes an entertaining photo prop
  • we make other novelty cat bed designs

Our cat bed designs are all our original creations, and we developed the patterns and the techniques to make our modern pet bed designs. 

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