Feline Voting Booth Contraption


On occasion, the Cat Ball® cat bed must be made with a special concept in mind.

Yes, Dear Reader, some events need to be chronicled, and some times we simply need to have a laugh. When it is time to laugh then let us go and get the cats to assist! So today, come play with us in the political sandbox with the Cat Ball® design: the Feline Voting Booth Contraption! 

The Cat Ball Feline Voting Booth Contraption for 2016 cat voting booth

Whether your campaign agenda is abolishing goggies or hacking up hairballs, we can all agree that cats need a good place to rest while planning Total World Domination. 

While you're getting ready for the Iowa caucus we would like to suggest that you spay and neuter your Senators! 
The Cat Ball cat voting booth

Our Campaign Headquarters come with their very own paper shredders! 

The Cat Ball cat voting booth 

Feedback from previous members of the Executive Branch:

“Is dere any porks in dis barel?”
“Finalee! I can haz Exutive Bwanch!”
“Get reddy fur enagurashun day!”
“Mai fawvrite colrs is reb, whyte and boo!”
“I am da mascot for da Electrikal Coledge!”
"I payd all mai taxus and nawt a dolar moar!"

The Cat Ball cat bed Feline Voting Booth

OK. It isn’t really a voting booth.

We all know that cats are too Independent to choose a party.


  • Jennifer

    We can make one (or a pair) on demand, but do not have the fabric on hand, so the fabric that is used might need to be changed.

  • John D.

    Are these available this cycle — I’d love to get one!

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