Cat Canoodle

The New Cat Canoodle™ Catnip Toy!

The long and slender "catnip kicker" toy is a favorite for many cats who like to bite while delivering those swift bunny kicks. Our cute Cat Canoodle™ is our original variation on that theme. Have a look at the photos first, and I'll explain it below. 

The CAT CANOODLE is an original cat toy design by The Cat Ball, LLC makers of the Cat Ball® cat bed

What is standard about the Cat Canoodle™?

The Cat Canoodle is long and slender. It is filled with a combination of catnip and batting.

What is unique about the Cat Canoodle™?

The Cat Canoodle has a cute face that suggests a mouse. The nose is folded over into a small, tight loop, so that you can insert something inside. All Cat Canoodles are shipped with a bit of raffia tied through the nose loop. Your cat will probably eventually pull the raffia out and then you can start experimenting with putting other things inside the loop.

Hack your Cat Canoodle™ toy

You can hack your Cat Canoodle toy in different ways to keep your kitty entertained. Here are photos of some hacks we tried:

CAT CANOODLE catnip toy hack - the toilet paper tube CAT CANOODLE catnip toy hack - the toilet paper tube 

This is the toilet paper tube hack. I've just cut a ring off the end of the tube, split it open, and threaded it through the loop. It's bouncy, looks really funny (like warthog tusks) and Retro started biting it right away, which is what I was hoping for. 

CAT CANOODLE catnip toy hack - the toilet paper tube This is a variation of the toilet paper tube hack. I just pulled the whole tube over the toy. I'm hoping that the cat will bite the cardboard up. 

 CAT CANOODLE catnip toy hack - the springs Here we threaded some spring shaped cat toys through the nose loop. 


 CAT CANOODLE catnip toy hack - Friskies Pull n' Play Strings CAT CANOODLE catnip toy hack - Friskies Pull n' Play Strings

This hack uses the Friskies® Pull n' Play™ strings. These are the tasty string-like cat treats that you use with the Wobbert toy. They are pretty easy to thread through the loop. 

We have more ideas that we haven't tested yet. We think that these things might be good hacks for the Cat Canoodle:

  • Feather
  • Leather
  • grass 
  • spring of fresh catnip plant (use the woodiest stem, or stem only)
  • thin rawhide-type chew stick

Can you think of anything that might be a fun and safe hack for this toy? You are welcome to share your ideas on our Cat Hacks Pinterest board (you'll need to get admin permission to post, and the info on how to do this is right there). 

 Our Cat Canoodle™ is available here at or in our Etsy store

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