Update on CATTRESS Pet Bed With Pocket to Hold A Heating Pad

Do you have a cat or small dog who wants to stay warm? We had this idea to create a pet bed that could hold a heating pad, keeping the heat close to your pet. After making and testing these beds we decided to make some changes to the design, and this post demonstrates the new version of the CATTRESS™ pet bed. Our original blog post about the CATTRESS is here.

Tink is sitting on our size Large CATTRESS bed bed
Tink sitting on our size Small CATTRESS™ pet bed with a pocket

You can use the bed with or without a heating pad, but we only sell the bed, you need to bring your own heating pad to this slumber party. The CATTRESS is made like a pillowcase, so it slides over the padded insert: think of the insert as a pillow or a mattress.

We are currently making the CATTRESS in two sizes, Small and Large. The Small bed measures about 15" x 18" and has a 10" x 10" pocket that will fit the small electric K&H heating pad and their microwavable heating pad. Our large bed measures about 12" x 25" and the pocket is huge, almost the same size as the bed. This pocket will hold two different K&H heating pads, their medium (which is 5.5" x 20") and their large (which is 11" x 23.75"). This photo demonstrates both bed sizes.

Compare the size small CATTRESS to the size largeCompare the size Small and Large CATTRESS™ pet beds


Our CATTRESS pet bed has a pocket that can be used to hold a heating pad.

Slide the heating pad into this pocket. This is the Large CATTRESS™

The CATTRESS pet bed is made like a pillowcase that slides over a pillow

The CATTRESS™ fits over the inner pad like a pillowcase fits over a pillow.

Example of the outer covering and inner pad for the CATTRESS™ pet bed

We make both the CATTRESS™ and the removable mattress. The two pieces can be washed separately. The mattress part is made of cotton or cotton/poly fabric and filled with batting, which is then quilted to keep the batting in place.

The CATTRESS™ is our original design, we developed the idea, pattern and made samples of the bed as we worked through the design process. We make the CATTRESS™ and our other cat bed designs in the USA in small batches.

WASHING: Separate the two pieces use cold water, do not bleach. The inner mattress layer does better with a gentle wash cycle. Dry on lower heat to reduce chance of shrinking. 




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