Common Face Mask Problems and Solutions

Wearing a face mask can be uncomfortable, but it's important. We have learned that masks can be more challenging to wear if you wear glasses or use hearing aids (and some people need both). We've learned that some ear loops are uncomfortable and some people can't use the ear loops at all. So, what can people do in these situations?

Face Mask Solutions for Glasses or Hearing Aids

If you using hearing aids or having issues with earloops and your glasses, you need to try face mask that stays on by wrapping around your head some way. We currently offer a "behind the head" elastic option, like this:

Behind the head elastic style face mask is a good option for people who wear glasses or use hearing aids. Our face masks are made in the USA in the state of Washington.

The double bands of elastic hold the face mask close to the head

I like this style because it holds the mask close to my face, I pull it up high on my nose and sit my glasses on top and I don't have major problems with my glasses fogging. That said, this style mask might not work for you if:

  • You have mobility issues, as you need to be able to lift your arms up to get the mask on
  • You have really thick hair
  • You have a really big head

Does anyone have ideas or suggestions for people who have limited mobility? I want to hear from you. 

Our behind the head face masks have been so popular that we are selling out of them and I'm getting requests for fabrics we no longer have, inquiries about inventory levels, and worried emails from women trying to find a face mask with a neutral look for their husbands. I've got two solutions for you to consider.

Try an Ear Saver With your Face Mask

Ear savers are any device that connect ear lops to each other behind your head, keeping a face mask on without using your ears. Why should you try an ear saver?

  • Potentially use an earloop style face mask with hearing aids or glasses
  • Let you wear a mask that is not quite the right size
  • Wear a mask that has uncomfortable ear loops
  • Wear a face mask without getting your ears involved
  • A way to wear multiple layers of  face masks
  • They are not expensive and you can even make your own

Ear savers can make it more comfortable to wear a face mask. Here are some examples of a homemade ear saver and laser cut plastic ear savers

If you make your own, I found that larger buttons are easier for me to use, and a stretchy band can be be more comfortable. You may already have things at home you can use to make an ear saver, for more ideas for homemade or home found ear savers see this blog post; the Barrel of Monkeys is my favorite idea. 

Many people are making laser cut ear savers and you can get open source files if you've got the equipment. Both the acrylic and polypropylene are easy to wash or disinfect. We are selling ear savers here, this is our transparent acrylic ear saver, and this is our flexible polypropylene ear saver. We are working on novelty styles now. 

Our Aftermarket Solution for Behind Head Elastic

We are willing to sew on two bands of elastic to any of our finished ear loop style face masks. We aren't cutting the ear loops off, we are just adding the elastics to a finished mask, so now you can wear it either way or cut the ear loops off. We can add two bands of elastic to any of our ear loop style face masks to make an aftermarket alteration so you can wear the mask behind the head or with ear loopsWe can add two bands of elastic to the mask so you can wear it without earloops

If you want us to do this to your mask before we ship please make a note in the comments while ordering. The alteration may slow shipping down by a day. 



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