More Mini Cat Balls

The mini size Cat Ball® cat bed is back! If you have a tiny cat (or dog) or your household has kittens, the mini Cat Ball® is a really fun cat bed to have around.

The mini size Cat Ball cat bed is a great kitten toy

Kittens will turn anything into a toy, so we resized our original Cat Ball® pattern with kittens (or tiny cats) in mind. Several cat foster accounts on Instagram have a mini size Cat Ball® cat bed, so maybe you've seen it in action already. We usually select bright colors and juvenile fabrics for these little beds, and use brightly colored lining fabrics so that kittens with dark fur will show up easily in photos. 

Mini size Cat Ball cat bed for kittens in two novelty fabric options

We also know that there are some little cats with big attitudes, so we also made one mini size Cat Ball® cat bed out of this fun skull and crossbones fabric. We know that the feline buccaneers will approve. 

 Mini Cat Ball cat bed in teal with orange lining Mini size Cat Ball in green with colorful lining

Mini size Cat Ball in teal with purple lining Mini size Cat Ball in a skull and crossbones fabric

The mini size Cat Ball® fits pets to about 9 pounds. Our model here is Tink, who weighs about 8 pounds. This style is available here at, in our Etsy store and also on

Jennifer Boaro
Jennifer Boaro


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