The Power of the "Kitten Cam"

People have cleverly been using live feed video, in addition to social media posts, to share litters of kittens born to abandoned and stray mamma cats with viewers from around the world.

Through kitten cams I've been able to watch cats give birth, and see these new mammas clean the amniotic sac off their newborns. If you haven't seen this process, it's amazing. It's also a great way to introduce vital concepts of reproduction and childbirth to children, without the responsibility, expense and mess of raising the kittens. 

Kitten cams are maintained all around the world, so you might be able to find one located near you, allowing you to potentially watch the babies grow up before you sign the adoption paperwork! I don't know all of the kitten cam accounts or kitten foster families, so please share any that you know about here in the comments so we can all learn from your knowledge! 

People are successfully using Instagram accounts to promote adoptable cats and kittens, helping the animals to find new homes.

See in the photo above:

@foster_kittens_rva - Providing a foster home for kittens in Richmond,VA

@otowncats - Orlando Kitten Rescue fosters adoptable kittens in central Florida

@connieskittensFoster mom for the Wake County Animal Center in North Carolina

@munchiesplaceforhomelesscats - Seattle area, Washington

@zucaskittens - Portland, Oregon

More About  Animal Adoptions

Now, keeping foster cats, kittens or dogs in your home is just one way to help, but not all families are able to offer this kind of support. There are still other ways you can get involved with animal adoption. Here are some ideas:

You might have a talent or professional skill that could be used including:

  • photography
  • marketing
  • event organization skills
  • community outreach skills

Adoption centers often need volunteers on site to help with:

  • Cleaning
  • Adoption counselors
  • To help animals to socialize
  • Exercising animals

In many cases, there are ways you can get your whole family involved. For more information and ideas on getting your kids involved with animals, and for teaching them responsibility, see @peteducationproject on Instagram and at

Adopt Don't Shop, and don't forget to spay and neuter your pets! 

Spay and neuter your pet infographic by

Infographic by




  • Taylor Humphrey

    Another excellent site, and one with a twist, is “Tiny Kittens” streaming 24/7 on YouTube. They care for community cats in Canada and also have quite the spay and neuter campaign. When there are community kitties who are pregnant they are carefully trapped and brought into Tiny Kittens for medical care, the best of food, and safe places, maybe for the very first time, to have their kittens. The kittens and the spayed mommies are then adopted out. It’s quite the organization!

  • Samantha Bell

    Hi! We want to install a camera to stream from one of our cat rooms in our rescue, but I have no idea which camera to buy that can do this! Does anyone have any recommendations for which (reasonably priced) camera to buy? Thanks! Samantha @yohananddesmond

  • fortheloveoffosters

    We are a mother/daughter fostering duo for Multnomah County Animal Services in Troutdale Oregon. MCAS is an open door shelter which takes in every animal that comes through it’s doors. Because of this, we are flooded with kittens during kitten season. So, as fosters we can have many litters at one time! Right now we have a mama cat who gave birth to 4 sweet babies in our house! If you would like to follow along with our fostering journey you can follow us on Instagram at fortheloveoffosters.

  • Christine Csencsitz

    Check out Helping Hands Pet Rescue in Gainesville, Fl! It’s a great no-kill shelter for both dogs and cats but they always get a ton of kittens during kitten season. They do fantastic work and my family has a momma cat and one of her kittens from their last kitten season!

    You can follow them on instagram @helpinghandspetrescue :)

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