The Mini Size Cat Ball is Great for Kittens

When kittens are awake, they are either eating, exploring their environment, or playing. They are creative and open minded, and will turn anything into a toy, so we resized our original Cat Ball® pattern with kittens in mind. The humans liked our idea, and we've received rave reviews of this smaller version of our innovative, hexagonal cat bed with two openings. 

The mini size Cat Ball cat bed is ideal for kittens and small cats

Seen on Instagram

Several cat foster accounts on Instagram have a mini size Cat Ball® cat bed, so maybe you've seen it in action already. We've seen videos of foster kittens jumping on the Cat Ball®, climbing it, chasing each other through it, and rocking in it like a teeter-totter. Once I saw a video of two kittens just sitting inside, doing nothing, but you know that doesn't happen very often!

Kitten Season is Starting!

Are you involved with kitten rescue, or are your a foster parent? Are you using Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or other social media tools to help to promote the adoptable wee ones to your followers? Do you want a mini size Cat Ball for your kiddos? We have some ideas for you!

  • Instagram coupon code - There is a coupon code in our Instagram profile. You can see it here.
  • Amazon Gift List - Do you have a gift wish list on Amazon? You can add a mini size Cat Ball® to your list. Be sure you select a genuine Cat Ball® cat bed, made by us, The Cat Ball, LLC. You want the real thing, not a copy! Here is a link to our products on Amazon, and a link to our pink & aqua mini Cat Ball® cat bed. 
  • Scholarships - Occasionally we can offer "scholarships" to foster kitten families. Contact us for more info.

For Small Cats and Little Dogs

The mini size Cat Ball® fits pets to about 9 pounds. For your reference, our model is Tink, who weighs almost 8 pounds. This style is available here at, and in our Etsy store.

The mini size Cat Ball® isn't just for kittens! Small cats certainly like this bed, and we have seen big cats accept the challenge. Even little dogs have been known to get inside! 

 The mini size Cat Ball cat bed is good for kittens and small cats, or tiny dogs

We usually select bright colors and juvenile fabrics for these little beds, and use brightly colored lining fabrics so that kittens with dark fur will show up easily in photos. This one in skull and crossbones fabric was an exception. This fabric has sold out. 

The mini size Cat Ball is a modern cat bed made for kittens and small cats

Do you foster kittens? Leave a comment or send an email and I'll add links to your social media accounts. I'll also add links to any favorite foster cat or kitten accounts that you follow. 

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