Navy blue paisley - Coordinating cat bed options

Coordinating Cat Ball and jumbo size Cat Canoe made in navy blue paisley with caramel brown lining

We are asked very frequently about coordinating and matching color options, and we keep this potential in mind when shopping for fabrics. 

The shell fabric is a paisley, like the paisley prints from a retro bandana print. The colors are navy blue, a dark white, a caramel brown, and a dark apple green. We found this caramel brown quilting blender to use for the bias and lining. 

 Coordinating cat beds in navy paisley fabric

The Cat Ball® was made in our standard size, which we recommend for cats to about 18 or 19 pounds. The coordinating bed is a jumbo size Cat Canoe®, which we created with cats over 18 pounds in mind, but we've seen smaller kitties using it. The cat in the photo here is Tink, and she weighs under 8 pounds. 

Jumbo Cat Canoe in navy paisley fabric

 Jumbo size Cat Canoe in navy paisley fabric

Coordinating jumbo Cat Canoe and the Cat Ball cat bed made in navy paisley fabrics

I'd really like to see a ginger tabby, or a white kitty with ginger tabby spots inside these beds. What color cat do you think would look good with these fabrics? 






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