We Need Another Cat Ball!

One of the most common things we've heard from customers goes something like this, "Help! I bought a Cat Ball and my cats are fighting over it! We need another one!"

It is true. Cats are territorial, and just like little kids, they aren't good at sharing the back seat of the car or their toys. Just in case this is happening at your house we have created this blog post to give you some ideas on colors and fabrics, and we've got a coupon code for you, too. 

The Cat Ball in coordinating Art Nouveau floral fabric options

Inspired by early 20th century Art Nouveau designs, these fabric incorporate delicate florals and Asian motifs to create sophisticated landscapes. We purchased the fabrics as a collection and created these coordinating beds so that you have the option to place two well-matched cat beds in the same room. The options are Cat Ball® in Navy Floral Wave and Cat Ball® in Coral, Blue and Grey Flowers. 


The Cat Ball available in coordinating Riley Blake woodlands fabrics

I really enjoy working with Riley Blake fabrics. We always find sweet, charming fabrics in their collections, and the high quality cottons wear well over time. These woodlands Cat Ball® cat beds are made with Riley Blake fabrics, and in 2017 we will be adding some Cat Canoe® options made with more fabrics from this floral and geometric woodlands collection. We currently have a Cat Ball® cat bed made with the sweet Woodlands Flower fabric outside, and a toille lining, and a Cat Ball® made with a mushroom and floral fabric outside and a geometric lining

Here is a customer photo provided by Angie's Angel Help Network:

A small dog using the Cat Ball cat bed, photo by Angie's Andel Help Network


Coordinating cat beds made by The Cat Ball, LLC

The Lilly Collection

The "Lilly Collection" is a coordinating set of fabrics from Timeless Treasures. We created two Cat Canoe® styles (one is now sold out) and two Cat Ball® cat beds from the prints in this collection. The prints are fitting in nicely with home decor, as you can see in this example from the internet sensation cat, Tom Selleck. You can find Tom and his friends on Facebook and Instagram. 

Tom Selleck is a tuxedo cat with a mustache

If you need another Cat Ball® cat bed to maintain peace in your household, use coupon code YOUNEEDANOTHER  to save $10 on your next purchase of $40 or more. 

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