That Day We Were Getting Silly and Having Fun - The Cat Ball and Dressgate

Sometimes we get really silly around here, as you will soon see. 

Remember the "Viral Dress" and "Dressgate"? In honor of Dressgate and those Viral Dress colors, the Cat Ball, LLC we reinvented our Cat Ball® cat bed, and the Siamese cat says that this dress/cat bed is blue and black! 

As you can see in our photo shoot, the Cat Ball® really is a cat bed, but when worn as a dress, it can make your cat's butt look fat. We found it entertaining to watch our model get stuck while he was in the dressing room, and were too busy laughing to stop and help him out.

The Cat Ball cat bed takes on the challenge of the dressgate controversy is the dress black and blue?
After a strenuous photo session, our model relaxed in, on and around his Dressgate Cat Ball® cat bed, showing us exactly how much a cat can really nap, and not proving anything else of merit.

This special, totally silly, one of a kind April Fool's Day edition Dressgate Cat Ball® cat bed design was made in a royal blue poly/cotton broadcloth and painstakingly trimmed with top stitching and black lace. The lining is 100% cotton, and we assure these lining colors are White and Gold, well, at least on our computer monitor. We sold the thing in our Etsy store. 

The Cat Ball cat bed takes on the dressgate challenge and decides that the viral dress is black and blue

See? Doesn't it look just like the dress? 

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